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Hyper Realistic Portraits Masterclass


The aim of this 5 day workshop is to give the participants a sound understanding of how to create lifelike and realistic portraits, from basic methods to advanced drawing techniques and theory to add depth, volume, atmosphere and life to portrait drawings. Techniques on how to render realistic hair and how to create complex textures like skin with a layering approach, tonal value relationship, drawing details and working with different kinds of contrast to achieve a balanced visual interest in drawing are on the agenda. Many more aspects will be covered. Dirk will use demos, will answer all questions and also will discuss studio practices. While working from photographs during the workshop the gained skills and knowledge can and should be used for life drawing and painting experiences as well. Beginner to advanced levels.



Dirk Dzimirsky (geb. 1969) ist ein deutscher Künstler, der für seine
hyperrealistischen Zeichnungen und Gemälden von Menschen bekannt ist.
Seine sorgsam ausgearbeiteten Inszenierungen von Licht und Schatten
offenbaren die Sensibilität und Angreifbarkeit seiner Modelle. Eine
extreme Detailgenauigkeit in Kombination mit  kalkuliert gesetzter
Lichtführung erzeugt in seinen Bildern eine rätselhafte Stimmung von
melancholischer Schönheit.

Dzimirsky’s Arbeiten wurden in den USA, Europa und Tokio ausgestellt und
sind Bestandteil zahlreicher internationaler privater Sammlungen.

Dirk Dzimirsky (born 1969) is a German artist who is known for his hyper-realistic drawings and paintings of people. His carefully elaborated stagings of light and shadow reveal the sensitivity and vulnerability of its models. An extreme level of detail in combination with calculated set of light create an enigmatic mood of melancholic beauty in his images.
Dzimirsky's works has been exhibited in the US, Europe and Tokyo and are part of numerous international private collections.
In 2014 he was commissioned by Waterman - Paris to draw a large scale portrait with ball pen to introduce their new line of luxury pens. The artwork was shown at exhibitions in Paris and Tokyo as well as on billboards and screens throughout the cities.
Also in 2014 Dzimirsky was hired by A&E Network for their new TV-Show „The Returned“ to design and create 4 drawings of some of the main characters, which were then used for advertising the Series.


Tuition: € 760.00 (includes materials needed during the workshop).


07.04.2018 - 11.04.2018